Ideate™ ( is a comprehensive suite of research management applications, based on EnterpriseWeb’s platform, which are quick to deploy, easy to use, and highly customizable.

Ideate applications support smart, data-driven processes that respond to the business context of every interaction. Instead of rigid non-responsive processes, Ideate apps leverage application data to intelligently compute appropriate rules and dynamically personalize user experiences.

With EnterpriseWeb under the hood, Ideate customers get modern, standards-based technology that allows for rapid connections to institutional systems for a fully-connected research enterprise.

Ideate provides researchers and department administrators with unified views of their complex projects. It also supports centralized management for research tracking, institutional reporting and back-office coordination.

Ideate’s smart research apps reduce administrative burden, while facilitating automated compliance. They can also adapt to changes in industry regulations, sponsor conditions, and administrative policies without disruptive updates.

Ideate research apps benefit from EnterpriseWeb’s rich libraries of modular capabilities. This approach provides a common technical foundation across all apps, as well as a consistent look and feel, which both lead to lower training and support costs.

The Ideate research suite includes: Pre- and Post Award Grants; Human Ethics; Animal Studies; Radiation Safety; Biosafety; Profile Management; Funding Opportunities; Conflict-of-Interest detection; and Effort Tracking