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EnterpriseWeb: Early to NFV, Finally Ready for Take-Off?

Carol Wilson, Editor-at-Large, Light Reading Posted: 8/18/2017 http://www.lightreading.com/automation/enterpriseweb-early-to-nfv-finally-ready-for-take-off/d/d-id/735530   If you haven't heard about EnterpriseWeb, then you are likely not tracking the many NFV proofs-of-concept and TM Forum Catalyst projects. This software company is practically ubiquitous in providing the middleware

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EnterpriseWeb mentioned in article “The emergence of a new data-centric management vendor”

EnterpriseWeb is another company with a compelling approach. It offers an application platform that supports the modeling of complex distributed domains and the composition of dataflow processes. It is fully dynamic, processing functional and non-functional concerns in real-time based on

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CIOReview Cover Story on EnterpriseWeb “Unifying Automation, Integration, and Orchestration”

New requirements demand new methods, this is the essence of transformation, and those that miss the point are inevitably disrupted. The founders of EnterpriseWeb® understood that static, tightly-coupled and brittle applications had to give way to dynamic, loosely-coupled and adaptable

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Seeing the Patterns: The Future is Here

May 13, 2017, Originally published on LinkedIn Dave Duggal, Founder / Managing Director at EnterpriseWeb LLC Software Architects look for patterns. Patterns help us generalize phenomena based on common characteristics. By recognizing patterns we can create abstractions (i.e. models), which allow

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DevOps automation: The curse of tool-chain pain

By Dave Duggal on January 30, 2017  Originally published on TM Forum Inform The title might sound a bit like a Hardy Boys or Tintin adventure story, but anyone who has implemented DevOps automation has suffered from ‘tool-chain pain’. The symptoms are imperative software development,

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Breaking through the Cloud

By Dave Duggal on November 4, 2016 Originally published on LinkedIn. While the Cubs grabbed the spotlight Weds night by breaking a 108 year losing streak, EnterpriseWeb won another TM Forum award for its latest Catalyst project, extending a winning streak that began

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Winning Catalyst Enables Platforms

By Dawn Bushaus on November 3, 2016 Originally posted: https://inform.tmforum.org/nfv-it-transformation/2016/11/platforms-dont-ride-wave-create Platforms and APIs also took center stage at the InFocus event’s awards ceremony, with an important project called Enabling the digital service marketplace with automated onboarding taking the Best in Show award. In presenting the

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Catalyst Shows How to Become a Platform Provider

BY DAWN BUSHAUS ON NOVEMBER 2, 2016 https://inform.tmforum.org/nfv-it-transformation/2016/11/catalyst-shows-become-platform-provider It’s easy to say that network operators should use network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) to turn their networks inside out and become platform providers like Amazon or Google. But actually doing

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EnterpriseWeb signs on to TM Forum’s Open API program

“By abstracting core business capabilities, TM Forum’s Open APIs open the door to a new wave of interoperability and automation for service providers on their journey to becoming digital businesses,” said Dave Duggal, founder and CEO, EnterpriseWeb. “Open APIs facilitate industry

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Telcos and the IoT: Future of Everything-as-a-Service

Our Founder, Dave Duggal participated on a lively panel discussion exploring the Internet-of-Things and how the Telecom industry is responding to it. https://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/93929/telcos-and-the-iot-future-of-everything-as-a-service August 11, 2016 Hosted by Bonnie D. Graham The Telecommunications industry has been doing “_-as-a-service” for 100+

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